Pre-booked workshop

Photo: FNG/CAA, Oona Koriala


Does your work team need an infusion of inspiration and collective spirit? Looking for something to spice up a meeting of friends?

Aimed at corporate and adult groups, these workshops provide a relaxed opportunity to learn about contemporary art and spend some time together. All workshops include a visit to the exhibitions, which also serve as inspiration for the workshop activities. Choose a topic from the list below.

Total duration of visit 2–3 hours.
Group size 1–15 persons. Extra persons (16-20) 30 euros/person. Larger groups order two workshops.
Fee: workshops in Finnish and Swedish, Tue–Sat, € 400, in English € 500. The fee covers materials, admission to the museum and workshop instruction.

Enquiries and bookings

Call +358 (0)9 1733 6509 (Tue – Fri from 9 am–12 noon) or e-mail

Workshop Topics


What would a soundscape be like if it were created using only office or cleaning equipment or garden tools? This workshop explores the potential
of experimental sounds as part of contemporary art. Participants create sounds using all sorts of objects and materials that may also have a
link to the group's workaday setting.

To round up the workshop, the collectively created audio work is recorded on an old-fashioned cassette tape.

Catching Stories

All that it takes to tell a story is three pictures. In the workshop, you will create a story of your own, draw it in pictures and turn the pictures into magnets to be used in the kitchen or the study, to enjoy yourself or give away as a present. What kind of a story will your magnets tell? How will the story change when the pictures switch places?

A Leap from Everyday Life

Would you like to see everyday life in a different way? The workshop aims to discover new angles on ordinary situations through the making of a collage book using pictures from newspapers and magazines. Combining text and images, participants create a story with an initial situation, the desired change and the final resolution. The completed stories are laminated into a durable book.