Point of View: ARS lives in performances

"You can still make it! The exhibition will be open until the end of November."

THE AWESOME AUTUMN programme at Kiasma will refresh, revive and challenge you to discuss art. Contemporary Africa will grip you in Kiasma through performances, screenings, guided tours, workshops, lectures and talks relating to the ARS 11 exhibition.

ON SATURDAYS, a Finnish-Sudanese woman, Wisam Efladl, will invite people of African descent living in Finland to her talk show at ARS 11. Enjoy Poverty by the Dutch film director Renzo Martens is an intentionally trenchant commentary, highlighting how the media depict suffering, famine and chaos, how even misery can be turned into a commodity. The live installation by the South African theatre director Brett Bailey is based on the history of colonialism, its darkest side.

ARS 11 ARTIST Alfredo Jaar will give a lecture in September, discussing his work on the theme of Rwanda. And much, much more. Choose the events that interest you from the calendar in this magazine or from the Kiasma website. The exhibition itself will be open until the end of November – you can still make it!

FIVE MORE ARS 11 SATELLITE exhibitions will open in Finland in September, in Hämeenlinna, Kajaani and Oulu. The topical themes of the exhibitions range from refugeeism and the depictions of femininity to the economic role of China in Africa and to an African version of the official song of the province of Kainuu.

YOU ARE MOST heartily welcome to ARS 11.

Pirkko Siitari, Museum Director