Ten years. Quite a respectable age for a museum. The challenges and on the other hand also the possibilities of starting new are in the past and the activities have taken shape according to the thoughts of the people responsible. In a contemporary art museum this means quite a variety of versatile activities, as you can read in this magazine.

Having earned the self-evident position within the Finnish culture field, new issues emerge for Kiasma to face. The contemporary art museum must be able to continuously convey the value of art to new public and new decision makers alike. Simultaneously it is vital to be able to separate the lasting forms of activities from the ones time has already flown by, and maintain the former whilst renewing the latter.

The essence remains the same however. Today and ten years ago, it has always been all about art. Kiasma provides the possibility of encountering the most influential art of our time. Welcome to find your experience!

Milla Unkila