tells you what's up at Kiasma

The collection display Love Me or Leave Me, an extensive display of works by a Brazilian-Swiss artist couple, a dance visit from Germany, a series of discussions on fundamental questions of art, a workshop for children and adults… These are just a few examples of Kiasma's wide variety this autumn. The easiest way to find out about events that interest you is to visit Kiasma's website at

The website provides up-to-date information on Kiasma's exhibition, performances at the Kiasma Theatre, lectures and other events. You can also study Kiasma's architecture, learn about educational activities, or check out Café Kiasma's lunch menu. A search engine helps you find the information you want.

360 degrees gives you a complete view of the collection display Love Me or Leave Me. You can move around the exhibition rooms and take a closer look at the works on view. You can also read other visitor's comments on each work.

Kiasma magazine is also published on the net, and you can browse the magazine's archives all the way back to the first issue. The articles give you a glimpse of the museum's six-year history from various perspectives.