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No 52 Vol 15

Jouko Lehtola and the Lacerating Themes

Jouko Lehtola (1963–2010) achieved international acclaim for himself as a Finnish contemporary photographer. His career began in the 1990s, with photographs of rock stars and people attending music festivals. Over the years, his themes became more sombre and socially critical. Stories about everyday life became condensed into a single shattering moment that was captured in the pictures as traces, objects or places.

In early 2012, Kiasma acquired 19 photographs from the Jouko Lehtola Foundation. The selection was based on discussions with Lehtola in spring 2010, when he visited the collection storage facility prior to his death. Composed of works from different series, the selection will be on display in early 2013.

Several works were added to the series Marked Skin (1999) on people presenting their tattooed bodies. Kiasma also bought photographs from the series Young Heroes (1995–1996) that are a fine testimony to Lehtola’s skill of communicating with the camera. He is able to simultaneously demonstrate the sensitivity of the people in the pictures and the harshness of human life. Lehtola continued his merciless observation of Finnish culture and society in the series Landscapes (2001), Crashed Cars (2003), Blades (2003), Dogs (2004) and Anonymous (2004).

Eija Aarnio

Jouko Lehtola
8 Feb – 1 Sep 2013
2nd floor