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No 51 Vol 15

Upcoming: Toby Ziegler Alienates Objects

The London-based artist Toby Ziegler has scoured books and the Internet for pictures of historical art objects. Such objects include a classic statue of Venus and Staffordshire pottery dogs, popular pieces of the Victorian era.

Ziegler has taken these images and used 3D modelling software to create new sculptures in which the features of the original have become mere references. The alienated sculpture looks strange, yet recognisable.

Ziegler’s installation in Kiasma also includes air freight containers. The abandoned containers introduce another kind of mass to the high space, scuffed aluminium, which has been used to transport all sorts of objects around the world.

Saara Hacklin

Toby Ziegler 28 Sep 2012 – 13 Jan 2013
The works are on loan from Zabludowicz Collection London.