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Kiasma-lehti 51 | Kiasma Magazine 51
No 51 Vol 15

Shared Joy

”No one has an exclusive right to culture, it is something people do together”

KIASMA’S MAIN EVENT in summer 2012 is the Camouflage - Visual Art and Design in Disguise exhibition. It continues the theme of this year’s programme in which visual art interacts with other artistic disciplines: music, comics, and now design. In today’s world, different forms of cultural expression are increasingly affecting each other. Boundaries are being dissolved by new hybrids, encouraging us to appreciate different skills and art forms.

A SIMILAR SYNERGY arises when cultural actors from different fields join forces. This will increasingly be a survival model for many actors organising cultural and art events in the future. No one has an exclusive right to culture, it is something people do together and with audiences.

THIS YEAR many innovative events are being organised under the logo of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. The theme year highlights the importance of design as a natural part of an improved everyday life and a livelier urban culture. These elements can also be found in many of the works featured in the Camouflage exhibition in Kiasma: things that are familiar, but that are made and seen differently. Kiasma’s summer guests include a crocheted police car, a Russian souvenir kiosk, and a children’s climbing frame made of glass, all 100% contemporary art. New insights such as these bring joy to our life – that, too, is
allowed in art.

Pirkko Siitari, Museum Director