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Kiasma-lehti 21 | Kiasma Magazine 25
No 21 Vol 6
You have to be friends with change Points of View Faster than History yet Slower than a Lifetime Art is an intellectual challenge
Kiasma-lehti 20 | Kiasma Magazine 20
No 20 Vol 6
Art van tours Finland Toolbox for art Dances with myself The comforting clatter of super-8
Kiasma-lehti 19 | Kiasma Magazine 19
No 19 Vol 6
Future Cinema Room for Art Let's Talk About Art The World's Most Popular Museum of Contemporary Art Points of View - Kiasma 5 years Collections Take the Night Train URB 03 - Street, Music, Text, Rhythm, Rhyme, Speech, Word, City
Kiasma-lehti 18 | Kiasma Magazine 18
No 18 Vol 6
The Lullabeep of a Digital Cradle Journey into Dream and the Night "I've Given a Lot of Thought to Weakness" Yinka Shonibare