URB 18 – join in

URB is an annual festival by Kiasma Theatre. URB returns in 2018, already in June! Do you have a project that you’d like to propose to the 2018 festival program? Send in your proposal by the end of 2017 to urb@kiasma.fi

The festival is operating under the ambiguous headline of urban art. What it refers to is often paradoxical and constantly changing with time. Isn’t everything we define as art in some sense urban? At the moment and in common language use it usually refers to visual art and culture taking place in urban spaces (murals, graffiti etc.). The notion of urban art has also been used as a hypernym for the diverse art and culture forms created by minorities living in large cities. One way to approach this question is linked to the artistic movement of abandoning the spaces dedicated to art. This has opened up new perspectives to the social and spatial intertwinement of art and urban environment. URB Festival is constantly interested in all these changing definitions and approaches. In this sense, the programming of the festival can be described as eclectic.

Check the 2017 programme from www.urb.fi