Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third Cycle Provision in Dance and Performance (ADiE)

Kiasma Theatre and Zodiak together with Uniarts Helsinki involved in an EU-project deepening the relationship between academic dance research and the artistic field.

Kiasma Theatre and Zodiak – Center for New Dance participate in Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third Cycle Provision in Dance and Performance (ADiE), a project developing the artistic doctorate research in the area of dance and performance, and willing to enhance the impact of Artist-Doctors on the cultural industry. This EU-funded investigation examines the research emerging through artistic practice (Practice as Research) in processes focusing on movement and body. The project analyzes the challenges of supervising an artistic doctorate, traces methodological tools, and investigates how research can feed into new kinds of openings in the arts. Zodiak and Kiasma Theatre work as specialists in creating connections between the academic world and the artistic field, in close collaboration with The Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) of Uniarts Helsinki. The project is led by Middlesex University (London) and involves Chichester University, Stockholm University of the Arts, and leading dance and performance organisations WELD (Stockholm) and Dance4 (Nottingham). The three year long Erasmus+ project started in Autumn 2016, and has received a 366 000 euros support.


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Talking, thinking dancing -seminar, 6 – 7 June, Nottingham, UK

This event bringing artists, researchers, supervisors and producers together to think through the past, present and future
of Practice as Research degrees. A place to experience practice, discuss doctoral research processes and explore how knowledge creation through artistic
practices could lead the future of the dance and choreographic field.

The participation is free of charge but enrollment is required. Please find more information from here: