The participants

ARS17 Hackathon participants tell more about their works and objectives. Read the presentations below and get to know the participants.

Pouria Kay, Irina Koski, Reija Meriläinen and Juha Välimäki

Ismo Torvinen, Patrik Keinonen and Heidi Hemmilä

Valtteri Wikström and Jaana Ristola

Timo Bredenberg and Arian Kermanchi

Jarkko Räsänen and Samuli Häkkinen

Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, Teemu Kivikangas and Tommi Toivonen

Pouria Kay, Irina Koski, Reija Meriläinen ja Juha Välimäki

“Our team’s name is ‘Hackathon Survivors’, and it consists of four people: Reija Meriläinen, Irina Koski, Juha Välimäki and Pouria Kay.

Reija Meriläinen is a Helsinki based Artist working with moving image, sculpture, and installations that combine digital and physical worlds. In her work, social tensions and power are linked to physical and material sensations. While visually alluring, her work often includes elements of violence and has a visceral sense of the body that is communicated through haptic materials. Meriläinen’s work has previously been shown in several group exhibitions such as ARS17 in Kiasma and Basic Instinct in London’s Seventeen gallery, and in solo exhibitions such as EN GARDE in Helsinki’s HAM gallery.

Irina Koski is a Software Developer at Digia Plc. She has been working mostly with enterprise coding and building integrations. Recently Irina got interested particularly in full-stack web development and would like to continue doing and learning it. Irina has been an active participant of all kinds of hackathons and coding events, but Kiasma’s hackathon, where technology meets art, is a totally new experience for her, which makes participation in it very exciting.

Juha Välimäki, Senior 3D Software Specialist, and Pouria Kay, Innovation Design Manager, are founders of Grib®, a Helsinki-based software company. Grib operates in the industry of 3D and mobile AR/VR. Grib® offers maximum convenience in 3D design, by allowing you to work intuitively in actual 3D space using augmented reality and mobile device.

For the ARS17 Hello World exhibition our team has decided to apply Augmented Reality concept to the existing game made by Reija Meriläinen and her colleagues, Survivor. Let’s see, how it will play out!”

Ismo Torvinen, Patrik Keinonen ja Heidi Hemmilä

“Saanko luvan?

‘How can I be your service? I’m chatbot. You can ask anything. It’ll be just between us!’ Saanko luvan? / May I have your approval for a dance? deals with social responsibility of organisations towards clients. When the terms of agreement has been approved it only takes one to tango.

Heidi Hemmilä is an artist. She work with different techniques such as sculpture and video. She like to think that her art is a piece of cake — easy to eat but hard to swallow.

Ismo Torvinen seeks a life from the virtual corners of reality. He combines programming to an vast seas of digital information to create new peculiar images.

The art of software engineering is more than just meeting the requirements. Patrik Keinonen is an enthusiastic developer who is always trying to push the boundaries. He has been working with several companies doing in-house product development and consulting.”

Valtteri Wikström ja Jaana Ristola

“A Touchdialogue
What if the strength of my syllable is telling you
about the distance growing between zero and one
mediating them and us
a tiny word
carried gently

What if we had built our machines differently? Would we be different? Jaana Ristola and Valtteri Wikström are working to create a touch pressure sensing keyboard that turns the quality of touch into vocal expression. The goal is to widen the performative possibilities of keyboards.

Jaana Ristola (b. 1986) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. Her minimalistic bodily works are influenced by her studies in psychology. Ristola graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2016 and has since been concentrating on aesthetic research in Olento Collective developing emotional artificial intelligence logic.

Valtteri Wikström (b. 1987) is a propeller head and researcher fluent in programming and electronics. He is pursuing his PhD about interactive systems for expressing, inducing and sensing emotions at the University of Helsinki, as well as doing both commercial and artistic projects around the same topics.”

Timo Bredenberg ja Arian Kermanchi

Arian Kermanchi and Timo Bredenberg develop a software piece which generates visualizations based on sentiment analysis of real-time social media data geo-tagged to a specific location. We are interested in how sentiments across social media correlate with physical environments. We are eager to see what types of connections we can find among social media spheres, real-time events, and actual places.

Visual artist Timo Bredenberg (b. 1984) works and lives in Tampere, Finland. In his work he has explored internet communities and political movements using methods from found footage cut-up to virtual derivé. Recently he has been interested in network economies, their material pre-conditions and algorithms.

Arian Kermanchi is a software developer and Microsoft Student Partner currently living, studying, and working in Helsinki, Finland. He has participated in numerous hackathons, creating a variety of applications on different platforms including web, mobile, and smart watches. He is interested in experimenting with new technologies and making sense of data. Talk to him about art, music, and anything techy!”

Jarkko Räsänen ja Samuli Häkkinen

“Web developer Samuli Häkkinen´s and artist Jarkko Räsänen´s project is based on the interest over news circulation and social media,

Many of the popular news nowadays  are based on ideological and religious clashes, at least under the surface. Corporate and social informaation is delivered in micro essay form (status updates, tweets). Fake news are hitting headlines. Playful machine, inspired by Arto Paasilinna´s novel Rietas rukousmylly, gets designed and produced:

Profeetta 0.1 combines various text files containing ideological “programs” into syncron/syncretistic, inspiring and witty offerings (=status updates) for individuals and working groups alongside Our Daily Newsfeeds. Profeetta puhuu suomea.”

Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, Teemu Kivikangas ja Tommi Toivonen

Kasperi Mäki-ReinikkaTommi Toivonen and Teemu Kivikangas are developing a physical sound art interface with conductive dough. The platform uses playdough as an instrument in creating bizarre soundscapes. Interactive and social interface encourages co-creation and experimentation with multiple participants.

Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka (b. 1987) is a Helsinki-based media artist and a doctoral candidate in Aalto University. His practice is based on collaboration between different fields of art, science and technology. Mäki-Reinikka is the founder of interdisciplinary art collective Brains on Art that combines art and science in interactive installations. Generative methods and human biosignals are often used in the collective’s work. Recent exhibitions have delved into the creativity of imaginary machines drawn by children and virtual ecologies created from viewer’s heartbeat and stress level.

Teemu Kivikangas (b.1979) is a media artist and a game designer based in Helsinki. In his recent exhibitions (e.g. at MUU Gallery, Titanik, Huuto and Hippolyte) he has investigated the borderlines between digital games and visual art. His photographs and experimental films have been shown in group exhibitions and festivals in Finland and around the world. Teemu received his MA from the University of Art and Design’s Media Lab (now Aalto University). In addition, he has been working for over a decade in the game industry a game designer. Currently Teemu is a creative director at Polka Dot Studio, a game studio he co-founded.

Tommi Toivonen is a Helsinki-based musician, sound designer, tech educator and media artist experimenting with new interfaces for music composition and performance control. He works with game audio, technology education and plays in two bands: Phantom and Kitkaliitto.”