Experience Kiasma with children

Tips for visitin the museum with children

Why can’t I touch the artworks?
Touching a work of art just once doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but even clean hands carry some germs that will damage the works in time. Please help us preserve the works for all to enjoy – no and the future!

Keep a safe distance between yourself and the artworks
A suitable viewing distance is about an arm’s length. This will prevent damage both to the work and to the visitor.

We also ask you not to eat, drink or breastfeed in the galleries
Places suitable for breastfeeding can be found on the first floor and on landings between the galleries. If in doubt, please ask a staff member.

Services for families

  • Baby carriers can be borrowed free of charge from the cloakroom
  • The childcare room is next to the cloakroom.
  • Kiasma Café has a microwave oven that you can use to heat up baby food when visiting the café