New works for the collections

A Selection of New Acquisitions

In spring 2016, Kiasma purchased a total of 92 works of art by 36 artists, both Finnish and international.

Kiasma often buys work from its own exhibitions, and this spring was no exception. From the Demonstrating Minds exhibition, which showcased dissent in contemporary art (9 October 2015 – 20 March 2016), the museum bought a wooden sculpture by Kader Attia, which examines repair as a means for addressing trauma, and nine posters by the Suohpanterror group of activists (2015).

From the show by Choi Jeong Hwa (22 April – 18 September 2016), the museum purchased a piece named Happy Happy (2015). Linked to the ubiquitous commodity of plastic and to community, the work was a collaborative effort between the artist, school students from the greater Helsinki area and Friends of Kiasma. Another acquisition was the multimedia work Conversation in Pieces (2016) by Jani Ruscica, which was on show in the Kontti space at Kiasma (4 March – 4 September 2016).

Other key acquisitions included Secret Words and Related Stories (2016) by Jonna Kina, which explores passwords, and Giant (2013) by Salla Tykkä, which takes place in two Romanian boarding schools for gymnasts. Both pieces were acquired from the artists’ solo exhibitions at galleries in Helsinki.

One special acquisition consists of short videos by six artists, six works from each, that were purchased through Daata Editions, a platform dedicated to disseminating and selling online art. The videos were purchased in anticipation of Kiasma’s new online service, ARS17+, which will be launched in spring 2017. ARS17+ will extend the ARS17 exhibition into the online realm to provide interesting topical online art, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime, as part of the collections at Kiasma.

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