Jakob Dahlgren, The wonderful world of abstraction, 2009.

Kiasma presents and collects the very latest works in contemporary art. There are currently about 8500 works in the collections, and about 150 more are added every year. As Kiasma’s collections are part of the collections of the Finnish National Gallery, they are an important part of Finnish cultural heritage. Kiasma focuses mainly on works by Finnish artists as well as artists living in nearby countries. The museum also adds to its collections by commissioning new work.

Works in the collection extend from those by artists who began their work in the 1960s to the present. Work with the collections include acquisitions, commissions, loans and depositions, as well as exhibitions and publications.

How are acquisitions made to the Kiasma collections?

Acquisitions by Kiasma are in the hands of the Acquisitions Committee, which is made up of experts from Kiasma as well as two artist or other external experts. The Chief Curator of collections presents the committee’s suggestions to the Museum Director, who makes the decision regarding purchase. The Acquisitions Committee keeps abreast of exhibitions and events in the art scene. Works are purchased from galleries as well as directly from artists themselves. Within its means, Kiasma also produces or co-produces works for its exhibitions, from which the works may end up in the museum’s collections.

The collection is also added to by donations. The most important donated collections in Kiasma are the Kouri Collection collected by Pentti Kouri and donated to Kiasma by Ministry of Education and Culture, the Porkkana Collection, and works by Kalervo Palsa that were donated to the museum by Maj-Lis Pitkänen.