Escort Service


Introducing a whole new way to experience theatre! Enjoy a show in the company of a performing arts professional.

The Escort Service is intended for anyone interested in Kiasma Theatre productions, particularly first-time visitors. It is designed to bring together strangers for a shared experience of art and to spark fresh debate about what they have seen.

As part of the Escort Service, you will have the opportunity to view a Kiasma Theatre production in the company of a professional performing artist. The price includes a reduced price ticket and a cup of coffee. To sign up, send an e-mail to and include details of the show you would like to see and your desired date. We will then book your ticket on your behalf and arrange the date with your escort. When you arrive at Kiasma on the day, please collect your ticket from Kiasma Info where your “escort” will be expecting you. When the performance is finished, you will sit down together for a cup of coffee and a chance to discuss what you have seen.

For further information and to sign up please contact:
Concept: Elina Latva