Kiasma Theatre

Image: Petri Tuhkanen

Rechnitz (The Exterminating Angel)

15.01.2016 - 12.02.2016
Rechnitz is based on the contemporary play by the Austrian Nobel prize-winning author Elfriede Jelinek.
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15 days on Mars, Valentina Karga 2012. Photo Pieterjan Grandry

Skills of Economy Session – Beginning From the End

Event that seeks to understand resource depletion, death and the hybrid forms of culture, nature and technology as a foundation for new economic and social agencies as well as artistic work.
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Photo: Luzie Stransky

Joonas Lahtinen & co: I BLAME YOU, TONY BLAIR!

11.03.2016 - 13.03.2016
This bitterly humorous monologue by the ageing performance artist examines the position of art and artists in the maelstrom of the ‘creative economy’.
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Image: Jasper Van Gheluwe

Anu Pennanen & Stephane Querrec: Staande! Debout! (2013)

A fiction film based on real events about a strike in a Belgian car factory and its consequences.
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The Best of Tampere Film Festival screenings

A selection of prize-winning films from the Tampere Film Festival.
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Image: Mika Taanila

Mika Taanila: Tectonic Plate (‘Mannerlaatta’, 2016)

31.03.2016 - 02.04.2016
A feature-length Lettrist film, made entirely without a camera, about fear of flying, security checks and time zones.
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Mahdollisen Kirjallisuuden Seura

The Society for Possible Literature & students of graphic design at Aalto University: Human experiments

A night of procedural performances and collective novels.
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Image: Jaakko Ruuska

Other Spaces: Extraterrestrial Art: Humanoid Hypothesis 2

16.04.2016 - 04.05.2016
The performance examines human action from the perspective of a higher extraterrestrial intelligence.
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Là-bas→ Abyss: Evidence of Absence

Performances, performance videos and video performances.
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Sonja Jokiniemi: RRRRR

18.05.2016 - 21.05.2016
RRRRR investigates hallucinatory and illusory structures as choreographic starting points.
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