Kiasma Monster tour for children


Designed for visitors with children, the Kiasma Monster tour is an exciting way to experience our collection exhibition with our guide.The Monster presents five works of art in the galleries.Only children know how to follow the tracks left on the floor by the Kiasma Monster. Everybody gets a personal Kiasma Monster badge as a souvenir.

Total duration of visit about one hour.
Max. group size 10 children (over 3 years). The group must be accompanied by one adult who remains with the group throughout the tour. Coats, hats and presents should be left in the Kiasma cloakroom.
Price of the guided visit is Tue–Sat € 70, Sun € 85. Admission to Kiasma is free for under-18s. Adults can join in at the price of the admission ticket.

Enquiries and bookings

Call +358 (0)294 500 500 (Mon – Fri from 9 am–3 pm) or e-mail