Kaisu Koivisto, Index, 2010. Photo: FNG/CAA, Kirsi Halkola

Reality Bites exhibition extended

Kiasma has extended some of the Reality Bites exhibition, which explores the dynamic between document and contemporary art through works from the museum's collections. The fourth and fifth floors of the museum will remain open to the public until 14 April, while works on the third floor will be dismounted to make room for an exhibition by Eija-Liisa Ahtila, due to open on 18 April.

Documents are associated with assumptions of truth, authenticity and originality, yet a document is not self-evidently true.Documents are susceptible to manipulation, and archives are always the result of historical choices.The work of many artists is characterised by a critical attitude towards authenticity and originality.

The exhibition consists mostly of works from the collections of Kiasma, featuring both recently acquired pieces and some that are on loan.We hope that the exhibition will inspire visitors to reflect upon their own attitudes towards documents, memory and historical events.

Many contemporary artists work in ways that have a similarity to the documentary method, capturing elements of reality in their work.Others use archive materials in their art.The documentary appearance of an artwork can also be a carefully constructed impression – documents are not self-evidently true.