URHO. Photo: Frank A. Unger


An old ghost in a new body talks about ideas of leadership, politics, gender and sisu.

URHO is a fictitious character, a team. The performance combines choreography, document-based texts and theatre with sound, video and photography.

From summer 2011, URHO has explored documentary materials, transforming it into performative interventions and short films. This winter, URHO performed in Kiasma in conjunction with the Performance Compost event, at the opening of the Reality Bites exhibition and before the Independence Day. A video compilation of URHO can be seen in the foyer of Kiasma Theatre until April 17th.

Team: Kristian Ekholm, Henriikka Himma, Carl Knif, Anna-Emilie Lindberg, Alma Pöysti, Jani-Matti Salo, Enrico Stolzenburg, Petri Tuominen, Frank A. Unger
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, Italian