10 x 10 meters (EST): Human Forestry. Photo: 10 x 10 meters

Performances & performers

Anna Cadia & Paula Salminen: Merenneito Annabel ja surullinen Marjatta
Tue 2.10. 10:00-14:00
Wed 3.10. 10:00-14:00
Thu 4.10. 10:00-14:00
Fri 19.10. 12:00-12:30

Salminen and Cadia have followed self-made performances by four under 6-years-old kids for several evenings. What kind would those performances be in another context and performed by adults? What’s the logic in the performance? How does perishability mediate? Can one imitate uncontrollability? In the first phase of the project the actors are repeating precisely the children’s movements and hierarchy. The performance can be a copy of the original one, it can be a simultaneous documentation of the children’s performance, or it can go further and become an independent performance.

Anthony Champa, performative lecture
Fri 12.10. 18:00-19:00

Anthony Champa is an American-born artist living and working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Through film, photography, and the use of archival materials he produces work exploring history, memory, identity, and the nature of the outsider experience.

Søren Dahlgaard (DK): Dough Portraits
Fri 5.10. 18.30-21:00
Sat 6.10. 12:00-15:00

Danish performance and visual artist Søren Dahlgaard (born 1973) turns a museum visitor into an artist by his performative event “Dough Portraits”. Participants are requested to put a large lump of dough on their head, and then to be photographed.

Some of the photographs will be shown at the Reality Bites exhibition. Instead of a traditional portrait, the photographs are considered as documents of making a portrait. Dough Portraits is a work-in-progress realized earlier in Denmark, Maldives, USA, United Kingdom, Israel and Kosovo. The project is supported by the Danish Art Council and Nordic Travel Mobility Fund.

Eeva-Mari Haikala
: An Attempt for Making of
Thu 18.10. 11:00-12:00
Sat 20.10. 11:00-13:00

An Attempt for Making of is based on Welsh painter Gwen John’s (1876-1939) thoughts about creative practice and painting, as she wrote in her sketch books. The performance is split into two days: the first day will be an open performance and filming session, the second will show documentation of these happenings in different media.

Otso Huopaniemi & co: love.abz
Wed 10.10. 19:00-20:30
Wed 17.10. 18:00-20:30

love.abz is a writing as opposed to a reading—an act of digitally mediated, collaborative live writing. It deals with questions of translation and drama. What if dramatic writing were to happen during the performance instead of before it? In this demo we will try out certain solo parts that will later be juxtaposed with a form of collective improvisatory writing.
Demonstrators: Otso Huopaniemi & Teemu Miettinen

Riikka Theresa Innanen: re-ANIMA-ted
Sun 7.10. 11:00-13:00
Sun 21.10.11:30-13:00

In re-ANIMA-ted the organic nature of Mind creates a choreographic structure that aims to support the dancer’s creativity. The human body—its functions and anatomy, its developmental history, deep inner patterning, imagination and empathy to other living structures—serves as a compass for ecological questions and asks if today is a document of the future manifesting in dreams, the collective subconsciousness, and in our mundane hopes, fears and actions.
To question conventions in performing arts, we aim to use minimal amounts of electricity from alternative sources, and recycled props.

Katri Kainulainen: zero-zero-zero
Wed 3.10. 11:00-14:00

“I’m very interested in police. I like them. I’ve never had any troubles with the police. I often feel very insecure. I don’t know if becoming a police officer would help... I have read the application requirements for the police training, but I don’t believe I would pass the exam.”
Katri Kainulainen explores feelings of insecurity and security through her self-made police uniforms.

Kellokumpu & Roumagnac (FIN/FR): Derivation #3
Sat 13.10. 12:00-13:00
Sun 14.10. 10:00-14:00

A Finnish choreographer Simo Kellokumpu and French director Vincent Roumagnac warmly invites you to the showing of their derivation process of the contemporary dancepiece Whiteout, which they made with the Finnish National Ballet in 2010. Considering that this choreographic work has been strictly protected under copyright contract since its contextual creation in the opera house, one question is re-opened: is a derived work from one copyrighted dance piece to be considered under the copyright law and forbidden to be shown? And more generally: what is the status of the contemporary author? What about the originality of a choreographic work; what are the aesthetic boundaries of copyright claims? The project is supported by Institut Français de Finlande.

Sat 13.10.
12:00-13:00 Derivation 1, performed and directed by Simo Kellokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac

Sun 14.10.
10:00-12:00 Derivation 2: Report of the second part of the project, which was performed in Transmediale 11 Festival's Open Zone programme in Berlin / live derivation
12:00-13:00 Derivation 3: Video-screening of the videos received through the open call for the intervention in Kiasma Performance Compost & talk
13:00-14:00 Derivation 3: Video-screening of the videos received through the open call for the intervention in Kiasma Performance Compost & tal

Sari TM Kivinen: Textual Opera-Rations
Fri 12.10 .13:00-21:30
Sat 13.10. 10:00-16:00

Textual Opera-Rations is a self-documenting performance authored by Sari TM Kivinen. The performance utilizes the act of writing as a way to document observations via the subjectivity of the performer as author. It also produces commentary within a particular location and context. Whilst process orientated, Textual Opera-Rations is a functional performance that results in writings that can themselves be shared, transformed and performed at a later date.

Elina Latva: Bodysphere
open rehearsal
Sat 13.10. 13:00-18:00
Sat 20.10. 13:00-18:00

Bodysphere is a live art project inspired by our bodies and their limitations: injuries, pain, and weaknesses. Our bodies are documentaries of what we have lived; unique reservoirs of memories and experiences. Bodysphere approaches our aging bodies with curiosity and gentleness
.Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Peter Liversidge (UK): Proposals for Kiasma

Proposals for Kiasma, a book by the London-based artist Peter Liversidge (b. 1973), will be published in October 2012 in conjunction with the Performance Compost. The book got its start in 2011, when Liversidge spent a week in Helsinki, getting to know the city and Kiasma. Liversidge has been making proposals for over ten years around the world in places such as Brussels, Miami and Barcelona. The making of a proposal begins by Liversidge getting to know the place on-site. After returning to London, he writes out the proposals on an old Olivetti Letter 35 typewriter during a certain perioid of time, sitting at the kitchen table, and sends them one by one to place he has been. The letters he sent to Kiasma are exhibited during the Performance Compost and The Reality Bites exhibition. The books (22,50e) are availale in Kiasma's pop-up store from the 2nd of October.

I propose to use Uimastadion, the largest outdoor swimming pool in Helsinki, to store herring and potatoes. This will be a reinactment of the pool's use in the years immediately after the second world war.

The book project with Kiasma is part of the Proposals3 collaborative project with Artsadmin (UK) and Santarcangelo 12 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza (IT).

Mixing metaphors (UK): Ciao! Compost
Thu 4.10. 17:00-20:00
Fri 5.10. 10:00-14:00 & 20:00-21:00
Sat 6.10. 10:00-14:00

Ciao! Compost is the latest in a series of experimental performative encounters between diverse artistic methodologies and aesthetics. The project revives not only the works of individual artists (the poetics and politics of their relationships within the narrative of art history), but also thinks through complex and challenging questions of ownership, re-enactment and preservation of an art form that, by its own definition, rebels against preservation and the stillness of object-hood.
Performers: Nastja Rönkkö, Anna Bunting-Branch and Kate Lepper

Katariina Numminen: Zoo – Looking at animals
Work in Progess
Thu 11.10. 18:00-20
Sun 14.10. 15:00-17:00
Wed 17.10. 15:00-17:00

What do people see when they look at animals at the zoo? What do human beings look like, if one looks at them the same way as one watches animals, not asking for permission? What do people talk about when they're looking at animals in cages?
Performers: Niina Hosiasluoma, Antti Jaakola, Kaisa Niemi, Irina Pulkka, Tuomas Tulikorpi & Sami Vehmersuo

Anna Nykyri
Sun 21.10. 14.30-15:00

Anna Nykyri uses various visual archive materials to create documentary films and cinematic video installations. The themes of her works often cover questions of power and control, the structures of propaganda and latent violence, among other political questions. Nykyri's works have a dance-like qualities: her intention is to construct the films in a way that they give the appearance of a dance of images, as though they were the handiwork of a choreographer.

Liisa Pentti: Mnemonic Traces
Fri 5.10. 19:00-20:00
Sat 6.10. 15:00-18:00
Tue 9.10. 15:00-17:00

The mnemonic trace is a concept developed in the early 20th century and used by Sigmund Freud. It refers to happenings, experiences, and visions restored, usually unconsciously, in the memory. A movement can also leave a trace, which will apparently rise into consciousness and be seen as a sign from the future.
MnemonicTraces originates from a previous work, The Weight of My Heart. The meanings restored in the piece will flow as traces, actions, and movements, defining time.
Concept & performance: Liisa Pentti
Set-up: Meri Ekola ja Liisa Pentti
Light design: Meri Ekola
Sound design: Patrick Kosk ja Liisa Pentti

Elina Pirinen & Leo Honkonen
: The Bone Garden
Thu 18.10. 19:00-20:00
Fri 19.10. 15:00-16:00
Sat 20.10. 17:00-18:00

Dancer Elina Pirinen and actor Leo Honkonen are working with memories in their intimate duet. The human body is presented as an archive of memories, which are presented by moving, singing, and talking. The Bone Garden offers the spectator a possibility to memorize and reflect upon their own history, and perhaps find issues that have affected the construction of their own bodies.

Erkki Pirtola: Great Performance Swingle
Thu 11.10. 17:00-18:00

“Performance is getting naked and greasing up.” Erkki Pirtola presents his cut-up compilation of performances. Intensively edited video displays both the humorous and serious characters of performance art in various locations.

Pauliina Punkki & Jenny Tervakari: Instant documentary
Tue 16.10. 10:00-13:00
Wed 17.10. 15:00-18:00
Thu 18.10. 10:00-13:00
Fri 19.10. 13:00-17:00
Instant documentary is about the relation between documentation and the documentarist. Any documentation is a result of choices made about who is watching, who is documenting and what is chosen to be seen. Documentation is always subject to the documentarist's choices, skills, and techniques. Instant documentary will prove that documentation—seen as a truth—is an illusion in the language of moving pictures.

Tuomo Rainio: Exposures
Sat 13.10. 10:00-12:00

I am interested in an image which is not a representation or a record but a presentation; momentary and constantly changing. In my live performance Valotuksia / Exposures, I am searching for an image like that. The work focuses on digital imaging and the concept of an image in the state of becoming a picture. A digital image is like a presentation or a play, whose stage is a screen. The images appear and disappear on the screen one after another. One figure leads to the next image, until it is covered by the third one emerging.

Maija Reeta Raumanni: Memorandum (archiving episodes)
Wed 17.19. 12:00-15:00

Memorandum (archiving episodes) is a three-hour remembrance of one solo performance created in 2008. In Memorandum this performance is recalled with texts, sounds, video images, objects, and drawings to generate different ways of archiving and preserving momentariness, presence, and the past.

Performance Compost Club
Juli Reinartz (DE
): We are not in this together yet
Fri 19.10. 19:00-21:00 / Kiasma’s Seminar Room, admission free

We are not in this together yet
is the revival of the Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith or The Ramones. In the moment that you enter you know the deal: we play the music and you better dance, participation precedes reflection and: this is the real shit. It is closer to tai chi than you ever thought. “Really good music is not just to be heard, you know? It's almost like a hallucination.“

Nora Rinne: Performance Artist’s Studio
Wed 3.10. 18:00-19:00
Fri 5.10. 18:00-19:00
Sat 6.10. 17:00-18:00
Wed 10.10. 10:00-11:00
Thu 11.10. 10:00-11:00
Sun 14.10. 14:00-15:00
Thu 18.10. 13:00-14:00
Sat 20.10. 13:00-14:00

In Performance Artist’s Studio Nora Rinne observes the work of performing artists. How do they convey knowledge in their working process; where and how does the work actually take place? Rinne has videoed performing artists at work and imitates their working bodies in her own performance. The video and the artist’s body document and perform the same situation, separately.

Gregoire Rousseau (FR): Live Installation
Fri 12.10. 20:00-20:45 (performance)
Tue16.10. 12:00-17:00 ( installation)

The starting point of Rousseau's work is the situation of visual content in the performance context. Live Installation screens both experimental, self-generated video and pre-recorded materials, including radical avant-garde movies from the 60s-70s from famous directors: Godard, Debord, Fassbinder. With the movie out of its usual context, the narrative structure is broken while its representation appears. This performance involves Gregoire Rousseau as visual artist, Samuli Tanner on analogue modular synthesizer and Sezgin Boynik with text-based intervention.

Sounds Like Work: Open Office

Kimmo Modig and Jenna Sutela prepare for the Sounds Like Work event, taking place at the Kiasma Theatre on 16-18 November 2012, in an open office of their own.
Their experiences of working in the arts indicate that:
-The Finnish art world has become bureaucratic. Courage and independence are getting lost under paperwork.
-Professional roles in the field of art are in transition. Each actor and activity within it affects art’s contents.
-All work that is undertaken in the name of art must therefore be executed with the sensibility of an artist.

Ask them for a CV and a protest song is what you will get.

Terra – visible land / aesthetics of withdrawl

Wed 10.10. 16:00-17:30
Thu 11.10. 15.30-17:00
Fri 12.10. 15.30-17:00

During Performance Compost, members of the Terra project share work-in-progress material based on an anonymous rural landscape. The group studies how to perform landscape, using two-dimensional film in a gallery along with dance that comments on it: the film becomes a visual experience or documentary evidence of the visited landscape, while the dance expresses its bodily experience. The contradiction between ecology and the urban nature of performing arts is one of many interesting contemporary discussions.
Work group: dancer-choreographer Jaakko Simola, light designer Anna Pöllänen, cinematographers Jaakko Ruuska and Sanni Priha.Supported by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation and Suomen Kulttuurirahasto.

Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskus
: The Utopia Workshop
Tue-Fri 14:00-17:00

The Utopia Workshop turns performative methods into tools that have the potential to transform everyday life. The material will be collected from the pieces performed at the Performance Compost and developed into a Utopian Tool Kit by a group of dedicated professionals. The tools can be tested and used by anyone and everyone - we encourage you to visit the workshop and take part in the process of making.

Museum of Goodwill
Sun 7.10. 12:00-14:00
Fri 12.10. 14:00-17:00
Sun 14.10. 13:00-15:00
Sun 21.10. 14.30 (presentation)

Come and join a living museum based on good deeds! You can come alone or with your friends to talk about how to make the world better and have more fun in your daily life. You can choose an act from our archive or create a new one. The acts will be documented and stored to the virtual archive.
Please make your appointment: pilvi.porkola@teak.fi

Toisissa tiloissa / Other spaces: The Search of Things Beyond Memory
Sat 13.10. 13:00-16:00

How can a performance represent issues which haven’t left any memories behind? In Other spaces group have been investigating the concept of “beyond memory” in their previous projects: Aniara (2006), the Odradek-variations (2007), and the Golem-variations (2011). In Performance Compost the group returns to these projects by using documents and reconstructions to study what is beyond memory. In addition, a mini-project investigating ancient and “dead” languages will be realized. The group is challenging professionals of linguistics and poetry to join.

Urban Unknown City
Sat 13.10. 11:00-11:30

Urban Unknown City comes out of visual artist Erkki Soininen's Tuntematon kaupunki workshops at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts from 2005-2010. The association now concentrates on representing site-specific art in urban surroundings. As an homage to composer and philosopher John Cage, whose 100th birthday would have been on September 5th this year, Erkki Soininen will perform with musician Petri Kuljuntausta.

Emmi Venna: This season I’ve been mostly
Wed 10.10. 11:00-14:00
Thu 11.10. 13:00-15:00
Fri 12.10. 13:00-15:00

Emmi Venna has worked with many different artists dealing with the choreographic dimension of intimate space. In Performance Compost she reveals some recorded physical outbursts provoked by this process, where the recordings have started to form their own separate, associative performance. Fragments and recordings, intuitively linked together, expose a colorful scale of our intimate and corporal relationship to the world.

Marja Viitahuhta: Spotlight
Wed 10.10. 18:00-19:00
Thu 18.10. 15:00-16:00
Fri 19.10. 18:00-19:00

Spotlight is a text-based performance with a minimalistic setting: a performer, an area to perform in, and a spotlight. The text read by the performer is a sentence in the form of a list, unravelling at a slow pace, covering the conventions of performance and the relationship between the audience and the performer; transforming and growing into an accomplishment of memory. The performance is held in English. Duration: 10 minutes.

Inari Virmakoski, Elina Hartzell ja Anita Hillestadt (NO) sekä mahdollisia vierailijoita
Sat 20.10. 14:00-16:00

Three performance artists analyse the contribution of editing when presenting performance art in exhibitions and museums. What kind of recording and what kind of a performance is suitable for a museum? Inari Virmakoski tells about her process of collecting her documents for her retrospective exhibition in 2011. Elina Hartzell faces a performance narrated by and to another person. Anita Hillestadt presents how a documented performance gets a new life with music.

10X10 meters (EST): Human Forestry
Sun 7.10. 14:00-17:00

Human Forestry, by the group 10x10m, is a piece on relations between the former East and the former West as determined by the EU enlargement agenda. When Estonian immigrants form an important part of the Finnish population, Estonian poverty can be viewed as national resource for Finland, while the Finnish welfare state serves as the closest reliable social security system for Estonians. 10x10m points to the dark side of cultural cooperation, simultaneously bringing up the biopolitical status of the artists themselves in the international/institutional context of Performance Compost.
10x10 metres members: Epp Kubu, Eva Labotkin, Mai Sööt, Villem Jahu, Tanel Rander, Andrus Lauringson

Performance Compost: The Closing Day
Sun 21.10.11:00-17:00

11:30 Riikka Theresa Innanen: re-ANIMA-ted
13:00 Reality research center / presentation
14:00 Summary of the Performance Compost: live performance by the artists of the Performance Compost

The Closing Day will sum the experiences from passed weeks by discussions and artistic acts.