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Performances in the galleries

In October, a month-long performance installation, Performance Compost, will be fermenting in three galleries in Kiasma, presenting work by some thirty performance artists, visual artists and theatre makers from Finland and abroad. Things will be happening in the galleries every day during opening hours: performances, lectures, presentations, installations, gigs and exercises. Documentation of old performances in the Kiasma Theatre will also be on show.

Performance Compost is a prequel to the documentary-themed collection exhibition opening in Kiasma in November, and it will also serve as a performance section in the show. The question at the heart of Performance Compost is how performances can be archived and documented.

As the title implies, Performance Compost investigates the lifespan of performances: Can performances be musealised, and if so, how? In what types of documents can a performance be encapsulated? What is the role of documents in performance art? Can performance documentation serve as material for new performances? How can the boundary between fact and fiction be blurred in a performance?

Performance Compost will also make visible the practice of art production. For one month, Kiasma will host the office of the Sounds Like Work festival, to be held in November, with curators Kimmo Modig and Jenna Sutela working in the gallery. A video piece by Nora Rinne will feature artists who make performances: what are the places and tools, the gestures and words through which performances are created and knowledge shared in performance ensembles?

Each of the three galleries in Kiasma will have its own function in Performance Compost: one will be empty, a space reserved for new performances and experiments. Another will be reserved for encounters. In the third gallery, the compost will already be decomposing: the space will be an archive collecting the traces of past performances. The planning team of Performance Compost comprises artists

The planning team of Performance Compost comprises artists Saara Hannula, Tuomas Laitinen, Elina Latva, Kimmo Modig, Nora Rinne and Jenna Sutela, and Jonna Strandberg from the Kiasma Theatre. The members of the team will participate in the project as museum guides to answer any questions from the public.

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