Tampereen parhaat

The Best of Tampere

Now a Kiasma Theatre tradition, the Best of Tampere screening showcases a selection of the best entries from each year.

The Tampere Film Festival International Competition has been running since the festival’s debut in 1970. Over the years, nearly 3,000 titles have been screened. Today, the same number of short film submissions are received each year, with only 70 qualifying for a silver screen appearance at the festival.


Hiljainen viikko
Finland 2011 | dir. Jussi Hiltunen | The prize for the best fiction

A Resident of the City
Egypt 2011 | dir. Adham Elsherif | The Diploma of Merit in the International Competition

We´ll Become Oil
France, Romania 2011 | dir. Mihail Grecu | The winner of the Best Animation category

Las Palmas
Sweden 2011 | dir. Johannes Nyholm | The Audience Award winner

Finland 2012 | dir. Antti Heikki Pesonen | The Risto Jarva Prize, The Special Prize in the under 30 minutes category in the National Competition, The Prize of Youth Jury

Posledný Autobus
Slovakia 2011 | dir. Martin Snopek, Ivana Laucikova | The Grand Prix of the International Competition