Sounds Like Work


Sounds Like Work investigates the powers and ideologies that surround the art world, as well as the process of making art, using language and sound as its media.

Our experiences of working in the arts indicate that:
- The Finnish art world has become bureaucratic. Courage and independence are getting lost under paperwork.
- Professional roles in the field of art are in transition. Each actor and activity within it affects art’s contents.
- Therefore all work that is undertaken in the name of art must be executed with the sensibility of an artist.

The event features performances, installations, concerts and presentations by Finnish and international artists and artist groups.

All work connected to the Sounds Like Work event is considered through its artistic nature:
ask for a CV and a protest song is what you will get.

Kimmo Modig & Jenna Sutela - Supervisors of the Sounds Like Work event


Friday November 16
17:00 Opening by Kimmo Modig & Jenna Sutela, introduction by Shinji Kanki
17:45 Sezgin Boynik: The Art of Slogans (word) & Minouk Lim: International Calling Frequency (video)
18:30 Jaakko Pallasvuo: Higher Education & True Lies screening (video)
19:45-20 Intermission
20:00 Ingo Niermann (with Dan Bodan & Ville Haimala): BASE CENTRAL MADGERMANY, introduction by Martti Kalliala

Saturday November 17
14:00 Miriam Katzeff: Primary Information (lecture)
15:00 Anneli Nygren: Living Dangerously (performance & video)
15:45-16:00 Intermission
16:00 Bill Drummond: The17 VERSUS GUITARS Note! The performance is fully booked. Tickets that are not collected will be made available at the Kiasma Info at 15:45.

Sunday November 18
12:00-14:00 Sounds Like Crit: Comments by invited critics Linus Elmes, Jussi Koitela & Anne Hilde Neset

Language: English

Free entry.

Sounds Like Work. Picture: Kaisa Korczak