No More Broken Hearts. Photo: Janne Saarakkala

No More Broken Hearts

Pilvi Porkola

“I miss everything that we never had the time to have...are we talking again about love, or something else, the weather?...I want to end this...I love you for as long as you are here, and perhaps even longer...let's not make a spectacle of body burned for days in the places where you had touched it...perhaps that was meant to be...”

Pilvi Porkola reads her own love letters written in the past 15 years. The letters are addressed to seven different men. They are full of tentative attempts to approach, find out where things stand, or how to split up. The writer equivocates, recovers from fits of anger, but promises to be on speaking terms in the future. She tries to understand what has happened, wonders about being an outsider, and admits to the desire to touch. Through the letters, the performance explores, with sadness and a smile, the things that we are promised in love songs, that are repeated in love letters, and that are common to us all in love

Pilvi Porkola is a Helsinki-based performance artists and researcher whose works are often based on her personal life. The recurring issues of her performances are documentation and the relationship between art and everyday life.

Concept and realisation: Pilvi Porkola
Light design: Mia Kivinen

Language: Finnish