LUX Helsinki

The year 2013 starts with Lux Helsinki festival. Kiasma presents light installation Linear Array and fire show in front of the building.

Heikki Paasonen & Jani-Matti Salo: Linear Array
Dozens of fluorescent lamps light up the exteriors of Kiasma and Sanomatalo, highlighting the architectural rythms and forms of the two buildings. The lamps used in the installation are all recycled.

Fire troupe Etna: Kehrä
The concept of the latest performance by Etna is a meeting between fire and light. Consisting of fire episodes, the performance enfolds the audience in fire in motion, patterns, choreographies, making us forget the world for a moment. The fresh and evocative, visual music composed by young Leevi Kekoni makes the performance bloom.

Concept and direction: Nina Wathén
Pyrotechnics: the team
Fire artists: Helinä Kuusela, Elina Putkinen, Henni Siltaniemi, Maria Sintonen
Music: Leevi Kekoni
Production: City of Helsinki

In front of Kiasma
Free admission