love.abz. Photo: FNG/CAA, Pirje Mykkänen


Otso Huopaniemi

When Otso Huopaniemi had Google translator translate his play The ABZ of Love, it marked the start of an ongoing process.

The resultant Google-mutilated play, love.abz, has since been performed in different formats and by different ensembles in New York, on the Internet and now in Kiasma.

Machine-language interaction gives rise to many mistakes. But it is precisely the mistakes and misunderstandings that give room to radical reinterpretations, translations and rewritings. “Rather than try to create a perfect system, it is much more rewarding to see how your sentence, sometimes even your experience, is transformed in someone else’s mouth or by someone else’s algorithm into a completely different thing,” says Huopaniemi.

Concept and realisation: Otso Huopaniemi
Performers: Otso Huopaniemi, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Leo Kirjonen, Alexander Komlosi, Teemu Miettinen
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen

Languages: Finnish, English
Duration: 60 min, no intermission

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