Liisa Pentti - The Weight of My Heart. Photo: Esko Koivisto

The Weight of My Heart

Liisa Pentti

Choreographer Liisa Pentti’s poetic and humorous piece The Weight of My Heart is a tribute to the ability to remember. It also defends memory in a world that is brimming with visual stimuli and information.

The work is the first part of Pentti’s series MeMo, which explores memory and lost traces of memory. Using old photographs, film clips, text and movement, Pentti creates a piece in which the reality we call memories is expressed through the body. Memories – real or imaginary – merge with the present moment, making room for the viewer’s own imagination. When it premiered in autumn 2010, the solo performance charmed critics and audiences alike. The performance in Kiasma is a new stage version.

One of the leading choreographers in Finland, Liisa Pentti has in her works introduced many movements of new dance to Finland. Taking a movement-oriented approach, her work centres on the exploration of new issues and aesthetics on the level of the content of dance.

Concept and choreography: Liisa Pentti
Performers: Liisa Pentti & vieraat
Text: Liisa Pentti
Dramaturge: Frans Poelstra
Lighting design: Meri Ekola
Sound design: Patrick Kosk ja työryhmä
Costumes: Terttu Torkkola

Limited amount of seats, please book yours in advance from Kiasma's Info, 09-1733 6501

Mnemic Traces

In conjunction with The Weight of My Heart, Kiasma is organising a series of events on dance documentation. To be held from 30 November to 2 December 2012, the series is called Les Traces Mnésiques – Mnemic Traces.

The term mnemic trace has been used in psychology since the early 20th century to denote events, ideas and thoughts that reside in the (often unconscious) memory. The documentation event will bring together content and authors from Finland and abroad.

The featured content includes Agnès Benoit-Nader’s pioneering book On the Edge/Créateurs de l’Imprévu from 1997, the Books on the Move book-store concept, and Claude Sorin’s unique audio work Les voies de la danse.


FRIDAY 30.11.
15:00 Opening, Liisa Pentti
15:15 Reading as a dance practice, Agnès Benoit-Nader
16:30 Kirja, muisti ja tanssitutkimus, Kirsi Monni
18:00 Dance Voices (audio), Claude Sorin
19:00 Discussion

11:00 Les Venues de l'Amerique (audio), Claude Sorin
12:15 Tanssidokumentaatio Suomessa, Tiina Suhonen, Anne Makkonen ja Helena Kallio
15:00 The Weight of My Heart (dance performance), Liisa Pentti + Co
Discussion after the performance, moderated by Agnès Benoit-Nader

SUNDAY 2.12.
11:00 Dance Voices (audio), Claude Sorin
13:00 On the Edge / Créateurs del'Imprévu, Agnès Benoit-Nader
15:00 The Weight of My Heart (dance performance), Liisa Pentti + Co

Tickets 18/10e. Free entry to lectures and discussions.