Nora Rinne: Infantile amnesia. Photo: Ella Tommila

Nora Rinne: Infantile amnesia. Photo: Ella Tommila

Infantile amnesia

Infantile amnesia is a performance about children, parenthood, ephemerality and guilt.

It turns its attention to a period of childhood of which we retain no conscious memories but which is considered the foundation for our later life. A period of time that is unremembered yet unforgettable. Because we cannot remember, we also struggle to see. It is not easy to freely observe a toddler, approaching us and the world without self-projection.

Nora Rinne’s performance explores change, memory and the marks left by other people. She draws on a range of personal materials, seeking an opening to the communal and the shared.

Infantile amnesia: an adult’s inability to recall events from their childhood prior to the age of three or four.

A performance installation
Concept, videos and performance: Nora Rinne
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen

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