Niklas Rydén

Sisters – Tesoro III

Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production

The opening piece of the ICE HOT – Nordic Dance Platform series in Kiasma is Eva Ingemarsson’sSisters.The Swedish choreographer Eva Ingemarsson began her career in the late 1970s. In her works she investigates the connections between dance, photography and moving images. Ingemarsson is the artistic director of Atalante, an experimental venue, and Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production, both of which operate in Gothenburg. Ingemarsson’s works have also toured abroad extensively.

The work Sisters in the Kiasma Theatre is the last part of Ingemarsson’s trilogy Tesoro. The piece presents Anna Westberg, Siri Persson and their sisters from past generations. The intensely visual mise-en-scène created by projections, lights and stage sets brings the sisters timelessly into the present.

Choreography Eva Ingemarsson
Dancers Siri Persson, Anna Westberg
Music Lars Åkerlun
Video/photography Niklas Rydén
Set design Dan Tommi Hildén
Costumes Karin Jatta
Lighting design Viktor Wendin
Technician Pär Bengtsson
Producers Tomas Persson Carlberg, Cecilia Suhaid Gustavsson
Performers in the video Eva Persson, Lisa Persson, Annmari Westberg, Vera Westberg, Lisa, Idun, Eira Westberg