Photo: Nicklas Dennermalm


Björn Säfsten

Björn Säfsten is a young swedish choreographer whose works have been performed across Europe. In addition to works for his own group, Säfsten Produktion, he has created commissioned pieces for others, including the Cullberg Ballet.

Display examines identities, the world of gaming and theatricality in bright images and captivating soundscapes, investigating the way we assign meanings to the signals and symbols we encounter in the performance space. Premiered in 2011, the work is the first part of Säfsten’s series Attending presence.

Note! Strobe light is being used in the performance.

Choreography and concept Björn Säfsten
Dancers Eric Ernerstedt, Sebastian Lingserius
Music Victor Saiz
Set design Jovanna Rameus Jönsson
Light design SuToDa
Choreographer’s Assistant Anja Arnquist
Production Säfsten Produktion & Nordberg Movement
Co-production Norrlands-operan
Sponsors the Swedish Arts Council and the City of Stockholm
In co-operation with MDT