defunensemble. Photo: Ville Mattila


Concert of contemporary music

Helsinki-based defunensebmle brings to Kiasma an eclectic range of recently composed electro-acoustic music.

In the discordantly beautiful programme, noise and broken sounds meet visual fireworks by Merja nIeminen and Pink Twins. The highlights of the concert are world premieres of new works by the French electronic music composer Gilbert Nouno and by the Helsinki-based Heinz-Juhani Hoffman, acclaimed for his operas.

Coordinated by composer Sami Klemola, the mission of defunensemble is to bring the very best of contemporary electronic music to Finland. It also actively commissions and performs new works and creates concerts that feature many subgenres of experimental music and are known for their high degree of street credibility.

Stefan Prins - Piano hero # 1 (8') For a sampler.
Gilbert Nouno - New composition (15') Flute, clarinet, harp, piano, cello, live electronics (world premiere).
Raphael Cendo - decombres (10') Contrabass, clarinet, live electronics.
Pink Twins - before forever (10') Flute, clarinet, harp, piano, cello, electronics.
Heinz-Juhani Hoffmann -New composition (15') Flute, clarinet, harp, piano, cello, lice electronics (world premiere).