Photo: Benjamin Sommerhalder. Nieves Zine Library at White Heat, hosted by Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.

Photo: Benjamin Sommerhalder. Nieves Zine Library at White Heat, hosted by Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.

Bookies seminar

The Bookies seminar is dedicated to artist and designer-centered publishing, focusing on both products and techniques.

Talks, debates and exhibitions are used to shed light on the evolving role of printed publications positioned in the no-man’s-land between art and design, where they play a key role both in disseminating modern art and as an independent form of artistic expression.

Aimed at art and design professionals, students and keen amateurs, the Bookies programme is made up of a two-day seminar and two, month-long exhibitions. The exhibitions at the Myymälä2 and Napa galleries (3-28 April) seek to provide a more tangible angle to the discussions and debates by key international figures taking place at Kiasma.

The event’s partners, Nieves and Motto, will be making a large variety of their publications available at the Myymälä2 and Napa gallery shops. An extensive selection will also be on
display at Kiasma during the seminar weekend.


Friday 13.4.
18:00 - 20:00 opening at Napa Gallery, Eerikinkatu 18: Nieves Zine Library and Michael Swaney & Stephen Smith (Scrollster)
Saturday 14.4.
13:00 Welcome: Tuukka Kaila
13:15 Urs Lehni Säde: Voluminous letters to friends - book-design, printing, publishing and collaboration
13:45 Terhi Ekebom
14:15 Break
15:15 Indrek Sirkel: About Publishing - independent publishing in Estonia
15:45 Artist talk: Michael Swaney ja Stephen Smith (Scrollster)
18:00 - 20:00 opening at Myymälä2 Gallery, Uudenmaankatu 23: Linus Bill, Erik van der Weijde, Jérémie Egry, Aurélien Arbet
Sunday 15.4.
11:00 Jenni Rope
11:30 Alexis Zavialoff: Shelf Life
12:00 Joseph Allen Shea: Print is Dead. Long Live Print
12:30 Break
13:30 Q & A with artists: Linus Bill, Erik van der Weijde, Aurelien Arbet, Jeremie Egry
14:00 Kristoffer Albrecht: The Independent Finnish Photobook
14:30 Tuomas Jääskeläinen: Confessions of a magazine junkie

Bookies is part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project, the Helsinki Photography Biennale and the Kiasma Comics exhibition.