Photo: Rabih Mroué ja Lina Saneh

33 Rounds and a Few Seconds

Rabih Mroué & Lina Saneh

A young Lebanese man commits suicide. In his farewell letter, he says his death is a purely personal act and should not be used for political purposes. But is personal always political as well?

33 Rounds and a Few Seconds (33 tours et quelques secondes) invites us to follow the final days of the young man. There are no actors on the stage, however, but a bedroom, reconstructed by Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh, in which the young man’s television, mobile phone, computer and Facebook page continue his life even after death.

The Beirut-based duo Mroué and Saneh work as writers, directors and actors. They are known around the world for their works which brilliantly address social problems and the political situation in the Near East.

The performance is part of the Stage – Helsinki Theatre Festival produced by the Korjaamo Theatre.
The performance is in English, Arabic and French, with surtitles in English.

Directed and scripted: Rabih Mroué & Lina Saneh
Photography: Sarmad Louis
Set design and graphic design: Samar Maakaron
Production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Festival d’Avignon, Scène nationale de Petit-Quevilly – Mont-Saint-Aignan, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, Kampnagel, Assiociation Libanaise pour les Arts Plastiques, Ashkal Alwan, Steirischer herbst, Malta Festival, Stage – Helsinki Theatre Festival